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Welcome to The Pink Snob!

So happy that you are here! The Pink Snob is a Fashion, Lifestyle, and personal journal of Lakeshia Conners (Jennifer Isaiah is an online blogging pen name I used. I love writing, and often shy to share it around people who know me so hints the name. I often took it and ran with it but it confused people lol so we’re going with my Brith-given name. I know I’m weird I’ve been told this ). Starting this blog in 2013 which focused on event attending and blogging.

My focous is overall sharing versatile ways to style the clothes you already have in your closet. Along with invesments items that are worth buying-not only just for the trend. I will also share my love for travel and lifestyle.

Mission Statement

To inform, educate and inspire women at any age from any background to live their dreams. Seek happiness mentally, physically, and emotionally. I plan to accomplish this mission by sharing my passion for fashion styling, writing, and more on this platform.

About the Editor/Creator

Lakeshia has 5 plus years of fashion styling experience and has work with United Airlines, Pamela Roling, Pineapple and more. Writing stays her number one outlet for creativity and she always has a pen and notebook.

Contact: Info@thepinksnob.com

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