Welcome to The Pink Snob!

So happy that you are here! The Pink Snob is a Fashion, Lifestyle, and personal journal of Lakeshia Conners (Jennifer Isaiah is an online blogging pen name I used. I love writing, and often shy to share it around people who know me so hints the name. I often took it and ran with it but it confused people lol so we’re going with my Brith given name. I know I’m weird I’ve been told this lol). Starting this blog in 2013 which focused on event attending and blogging.

Now, her focus is to grow year by year by bringing readers a fresh new idea of what to wear, how to wear it and how you need a versatile item in your closet.

About the Editor/Creator

In addition to being a blogger, Lakeshia is also a Fashion Stylist. She has worked shows during NYFW and has been the Key Stylist on local Saint Louis projects.

Contact: Info@thepinksnob.com

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