The beauty trio that is keeping my makeup flawless this season.

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As the seasons change, your makeup routine has to change. I am always into switching up or even going back to some Snob faves. MAC is a brand that caters to all skin tones, types and has a range of products. This brand I guess was my starter makeup brand. To say I became addicted to make up was a big YES! Through the years, I tired a few combonations that worked and others I just didn’t care too much for.

When I say makeup trio, I am specifically speaking about the Primer, Foundation and the Setting powder. Since I am in my 30s I feel that it’s time to upgrade all things in my life-my foundation was one of them. Honestly, you get what you paid for. Never purchase something for the name brand. Choose quality based products and then see if the brand caters to who you are.

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The trio I am using for the Winter is by MAC: Prep+Prime Pore Refiner stick and their Pro Longwear/ Press Powder (Dark Golden). The Foundation I am using is Lancome (460 suede). A little goes a long way and it’s absolutely a great combination. However, this can be seen as pricey to most, but think of it as an investment. Taking care of what skin is a must!

What are some of your go-to combos or trios for your Winter make up routine? Comment and share below!

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