All about Babor-Luxe Beauty

All about Babor-Luxe Beauty


I had the pleasure to receive a set of beauty products from Babor, along with being apart of the 7 Day Challenge.  The reason why these amazing products made their way into the SnobLuxe category simply was simply because I do believe in my head, a VanDer Woodsen or a Carrington would have this in their home apart of their beauty routine. It’s a well kept beauty secret of the wealthy.

Very high end, but worthy brand, Bobar is tailor made for treating skin. Even the packing and the way you open it is just the extra I live for in my life!


My Truth: I was told to be consistent with the product, which means if I used it at night, I had to use it at night. I don’t have any skin concerns, so I requested a serum that will provide my skin moisture. If you follow me on Instagram (which you should 🙂 ), daily I posted my 7 day results on Instagram stories. Me personally, I didn’t see any exact different in my face. Truthfully, I can tell you that the serum provided me with the moisture I needed. More than enough product in each tube along with being highly concentrated. So I would recommend this product if you have very dry skin or even for the harsh winters. Visit Website Here!

I captured moment of using Babor on my Instagram stories!!! xoxo




Thank you so much Babor for sponsoring this post!


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