Thursday, April 16, 2015

Relationship goals...What are yours?

Hey Snobs,

My site has been down due to a major changes and etc, but this topic has been plaguing my brain since last week.

 On social media period, they have these hashtags called “Relationship Goals” which basically is a picture of the couple having matching Jordans or high end shoes. 

That’s all fine and great that you and your boo want matching things, but is that really a relationship goal for you both?

Okay if these are kids, then sure they get some kind of pass because maybe they didn't have a positive person in their life to teach them that goals are just material things. But if these are adults and they haven’t learned by now…all I can say is wow. That’s what you really have to look forward too??? Matching shoes??? What about kids? Having respect for each other, and having your kids get to private school, or a family vacation home . My goals may not be your but matching shoes??? Come on yall let’s set an example. No matter who you are or what you do your being watched.

So what are some examples of for your relationship goals?!

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Love my bounce

#LOVEMYBOUNCE My Sonbers oh have I missed you!!! It has been a while but I am back! Just been away preparing my best only for you. If you are on social media you probably seen some pictures of that lead you straight to my blog. LOL “What is she doing now?”

 #lovemybounce was created to empower women everywhere by encouraging them to love their bodies and their bounce. Not only is this campaign supporting women of every color and shape, you are also helping us end violence against women. By the grace of God I have never been in this situation, but it does touches close to home. I couldn't pass up on the opportunity to support this campaign and show the meaning behind it!

 Just to give you a little back ground info, this year Brooklyn’s own Hip hop artist D’ Chrome Foster & multimedia company STK MKT entertainment partnered with Arethusa Speaks. Arethusa Speaks is a nonprofit theater organization that uses storytelling to give a voice to women who have been affected by domestic violence. Dope right?!

 Each pair of these cuties cost $25.00 (S-XL) and %20 of the proceeds are going to Arethusa Speaks!! And another awesome thing!!!

This has been added for the swag bag for the 2015 MTV Movie awards!!! What a great way for celebrities and music artist to create awareness for domestic abuse. Support this cause and Share, RT along with #lovemybouce. - official website,

Thank you all for the support, until next time. xo

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Rodan+Fields (review)


Hey Snobs

Two to three weeks ago I received a package from Rodan and Fields. These women are the two dermatologist that are behind Proactive. So for sure I wanted to see what they have to offer outside of that company. This came just in time because I have been wanting to find a facial products for my skin type and etc. I have been using the drug store stuff but I knew it was time to upgrade sooner or later. So I deiced to give Rodan and Fields a try.

What is it?

A regimen for the appearance of lines, pores, and loss of firmness.  

My Realness: I am 27 years and my skin still has not lines and etc.

Other things that this product is suppose to do?
-Replenishes skins natural-moisturizing factors through vitamins A,C, and E and other vital skin Nutrients.

-Hydrates and increases skin elasticity. 

My Realness: Honestly I couldn't see any difference, maybe I need to use it for two more weeks. And over time since it dose prevent wrinkles, I might see that when I'm 70 but right now I can't see the difference. 

Overall: It is a genital exfoliate which is good because we are entering spring and I want my skin to great when I am not in the mood to wear make up. I would suggest this to product use to anyone that my age because I believe you should start early with your ageless facial products as early as you can. They also have another line for blemishes that I wouldn't mind trying. 

Retails for $170-$200.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Blogging for Newbies!

So I wanted to share my ideas and ways that I have been able to bring life to my blog within the last quarter. Also this is a few tips for bloggers who are struggling or don’t have the enthusiastic to work on their blog.

1)      Do what you love, and Love what you do.
I love Fashion, I enjoy a certain lifestyle, and I like writing. In general people are looking for information and they are nosey by nature. That’s why certain blogs exist! Most people comfortable writing their feelings and sharing it with the world, instead of paying for a shrink. It could be your travel journal, fashion sense, you’re cooking skills etc. It’s your blog, and your should love what your write about
2)      What’s your Why?

My WHY in regards to blogging was simple… I needed money. I got fired from my job in corporate America, which was the best day of life to honest. But I needed to be busy and work. The more I got back into Fashion and was invited to events the more I wrote about. That was the Summer of 2013. Fall of 2014 I begin to get serious about blogging, researching and joining a group of other bloggers local here that gives resources chances to work with brands. . So my WHY had change to something that was once a need to a desire.

3)      Network.
I am a very loud personally and I never been the person to hold back from talking or reaching out to someone who might have those resources that can help me. Including the internet, I cannot tell you how many hours I research “Income for Fashion Bloggers” or “Blogging and Branding” , “How to work with Brands.” , “What is a sponrship?”. I did all that shit and then some. And because I have, I and working local and internationally with Brands, and interacted with bloggers from all over the world. If you live in a hick town, I suggest you travel and become a part of a few online communities.

4)      Make friends.
We all can learn from each other! Who cares if were in the same industry. Connect, share, like, RT tweets, and most of all support each other’s work. And be nice…don’t be fake at all. Join blogging groups that can make you grow and learn as a person.
5)       Plan ahead.
Hootsuite is my best friend and to postdate a Blog post is my lover. Like AMAZING on so many levels I can’t contain myself. Have control of your blog and still have a life. Also having an editorial calendar on hand is great too.

6)      Work for free.
Okay so having a blog is business, but at the same time, you want to establish trust in any and everything you do. Make some contribution to work for free with a local brand or simply write a review on a new restaurant or hair product that just launch. Trust me feedback is a must. And then, you will have brands contacting you and sending you payment or products to review. No one is going to pay you if you have never gotten your hands dirty…#sorrynotsorry.

7)      Paying for information.
Now in the future, some things you are going to have to pay for. Especially if you have goals for your blog, and want to work with top brands and etc. Pay what you can afford and learn the rest along the way. If you feel like the subject or the information is something that you need, for sure invest in it. The highest seminar I’ve seen was $700….so what are we learning about again that I might can find online or in a library for free?

8)      Ask.
If you’re the smartest person at the table, remove yourself. You need people around you that know more than you. And don’t be afraid to ask for help.

9)      Be picky.
Go with brands because they speak to you and the your audience that you have built or building. Don’t talk about tires unless that establishment had a great service, that can be on a tweet. Stay in your lane when it comes to working with brands and make sure both the readers and brand can get something out of it.

10)  Pray.
Saving the best for last because simply….it works.  Not sure who you talk to when you go into your secret place, that’s none of business. But I know many of things that have came across my email and people that I've interacted with was not on my own actions.


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